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Because I owe you guys a whole bunch of translations, here’s two in one, which is quite appropriate for the pair involved if you ask me πŸ˜‰

θ…η”°ε°†ζš‰ May 6th, 2013

This atmosphere
It’s definitely amazing~

It’s relaxing~
I frolicked and was in high spirits.
Haven’t done this in a while.

θ…η”°ε°†ζš‰ May 9th, 2013
This is my family.


θ…η”°ε°†ζš‰ February 21st, 2013
Today, 20 years have passed since I was born.

Thanks to you, I turned 20.
Excited feelings keep boiling up about being an adult.
It’s awesome, being alive for 20 years, sooo awesome.

Dad, mom, thank you.
For bringing me into this world, thank you.
I’m going to be filial and make sure that I give you lots of joy.
I’m grateful.
From now on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

To my supporters,
it’s really thanks to you that Suda Masaki is here.
I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you so much.
From now on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I won’t ever cause room for concern,
I won’t scare or make you worried for me.

To everyone at my agency,
you’ve become like family to me.
My home in Tokyo.
My home.
For always being my friend and ally, thank you so much.

I’m grateful.
From now on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Well then, everyone, let’s end with this*

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*The actual phrase he used there was “o te wo haijyaku (γŠζ‰‹γ‚’ζ‹ε€Ÿ), which is a way to end things on a high note on special occasions seen here (The first 5 seconds will do). The literal definition is borrowing everyone’s hands, but the meaning is everyone comes together to raise their hands and clap in celebration of something πŸ™‚

T/N: Yay, Masaki’s an adult now! I remember when he was 16-17 acting in KRW. He’s come so far -we look forward to more things from you! β™₯


θ…η”°ε°†ζš‰ July 21st, 2011

I’m sure some of you already know, but I’ve got an announcement.
I’m appearing in a movie.
It’s the movie for the drama Shinzanmono.
“Kirin no Tsubasa~Gekijoban・Shinzanmono~ (tentative title, expected release January 2012)
Coming soon.

Though I don’t have any specifics yet. So I just have to be prepared.
As for myself, I’ve only seen the script and preview for it. It’s definitely interesting.

I like Abe-san’s voice.
I like Abe-san’s voice.
He can even act live.
He’s refined of many things.

Also, Tori-kun will be co-starring.
I’ve wanted to work with him and now that the chance has come so quickly, I’m excited.
It was stimulating on-set, and we dove into the work.
Tori-kun is, as always, fashionable. He’s quite tall.

Eh, what? Da-su?
I think I’ve used that twice in this entry.
A role of importance.
Coming soon.

Ultra Sea Romance

ζœ¨γƒŽζœ¬εΆΊζ΅© July 4th, 2011

Good afternoon.
You thought it was a good time for me to update, didn’t you?
When did the floor mats spread out?

When was the last time I saw Suda-san? It was before the mats were spread out, and after I had gone to the beach. Yea, somewhere around that time.
Just like always, I am myself and he is himself. That’s how it is.

Yesterday was closing day.
They started in May, so it’s been about 2 months of Tumbling.
Otsukaresama desu, thanks for the hard work.

When he saw me, the first words he said to me were if I was going to cut my hair.
I was thinking about it, so I’m going to cut it.
When I saw him, my first words were ‘where’s the bathroom,’ so I’m sorry for that. Yep.

Somehow, you’ve matured. Just various things. Well, it’s not like we’ve ever told dirty jokes to each other, but if I heard that, that’s what I would say.

It was really exciting.
Otsukaresama desu, thanks for the hard work.
It’s a stage play. Yep, that’s a stage play.

It’s hot.
It’s summer.
Umm, that, uh…yea.
My shorts are sticking to me.
The toy camera is getting older.
What should I do this summer?
First off, to dish out justice all night, all night chivalry.
T/N: As usual, Kinomoto does not always make sense, lol. Their friendship is awesome πŸ™‚


θ…η”°ε°†ζš‰ June 22nd, 2011

Hello, it’s Suda.
I took a picture like this.
I’m excited about it, because it looks like I have a twin.
It’s slightly artistic. Mirrors are interesting.

Come to think of it, without a mirror, I wouldn’t know what I looked like.
Back in the day, people wouldn’t know how they looked and perhaps ended life without ever knowing?
Ah, but they could see their reflection in the water.

Aaun, never mind.
Just talking to myself, talking to myself.

I laughed~I cried~I learned~

θ…η”°ε°†ζš‰ May 2nd, 2011

Port Junjou Othello
Yesterday, I went to see the play my senpai, Daito Shunsuke-san’s, starred in.
Since it was a Shinkansen company’s production, I was really really looking forward to going.

It was far beyond my expectations.
It took place in the same ACT theater as the one I’ve learned a lot in.

And Daito Shunsuke-san…
his performance blew me away.